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360 Degree Customer View

We use an increasing array of tools to develop 360 degree customerview, predictive analytics tools to forecast customers’ purchase interest, customer relationship management suites and marketing automation software. Data quality and data cleansing practices may also be necessary to attain an accurate picture of customers. The 360-degree view of customer requires an analytics strategy to marry structured data with unstructured data. This view is developed by performing a deep insight to:

  • Understand your customer churn
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with your current customers
  • Strength of disconnected and different customer information systems
  • Reconcile data across multiple CRM systems
  • Provide actionable Analytics on employees’ existing role-based systems

Decision Support System

Decision Support System makes use of analytic capabilities to improve the decision-making process and reduce decision time, complexity, and uncertainty. The support system will have a transformative impact on the market. We wrap the core analytics components with decision making tools to facilitate enterprises to become more precise and confident in making complex forward-looking decisions. Our more mature and higher-end tools will exhibit the greatest analytical breadth

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine is one-stop forecasting platform capable of automatically identifying the best suited models for a series of data and generating tested key accuracy metrics. The application uses advanced recommendation models combined with traditional models to generate an ensemble and more accurate recommendation. Benefits include:

  • Most accurate recommendation using highly sophisticated modeling capabilities
  • An innovative, highly scalable and customizable platform
  • Customized recommendation