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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Demand is created through diverse target markets and promotional tactics, satisfying consumers' wants and needs through a lean supply chain.

Real Time Pricing

For real-time pricing, Analytics uses sources like Historical Product Pricing, Customer Activity, Preferences & Order History, Competitor pricing, Desired Margins on the Product, Available Inventory etc.


Analytics offers promotions to customers by using machine learning to understand a consumer’s behavior, including the purchase history of that consumer and the performance of different products on the site, to determine relevant recommendations that have a higher probability of generating a sale.

Inventory Control

The process in which a retailer keeps track of stocked goods and makes sure there is surplus inventory to avoid being “out of stock”is called as inventory management. Inventory control helps retailers in Theft control, enhanced Customer service, Financial management,Product tracking.